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Educational Programs

"The use of storytelling has the potential to be effective in all areas of higher education. Storytelling develops a context for active learning and remarkable ownership of the learning, both in terms of process and content. The current interest in storytelling and narrative can be seen in many areas within higher education, in both theoretical and applied disciplines." (Wills, Lives and Other Stories: Neglected Aspects of the Teacher's Art)

The use of story telling as an effective teaching tool is universally recognized. The instructional component of our educational program is story-based. Our stories are drawn loosely from the real life experiences of the author, Jeanette Stewart, her pets, and the illustrator, Victor Zapata. Through our stories, our educational units become much more than lessons. They become adventures that the students participate in and learn from just as the characters learn as the stories progress.

The story is one component of the educational unit. A hands-on activity with a conservation connection is always provided as part of the unit.

Interested in having Jeanette Stewart come and present any of the above stories? Please contact Sue Cournoyer for information and booking.